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The Maple Street Co-op

Bent Road Wines

Andrew and Glen provide the Co-op’s satellite cellar door wine range and has been our wine supplier for over 20 years.

Constantly refining their growing practices for maximum sustainability they have achieved the Australian Wine Research Institute’s new certification; ‘Sustainable Winegrowers Australia’. Their innovative environmental practices were fine-tuned by their intern agronomist and include turning over the strips between vines to native plants that attract beneficial bugs and microbes, improve organic matter, and help fix nitrogen to the typically impoverished soils of the region. “We focus on growing unusual varieties of grape suitable to the region” says Andrew.

The most popular wine both at the new cellar door near Ballandean and at the Co-op is the Fumé Rosé, a wine born from the bushfires and reflects the tough and determined character of these winemakers. “We’d battled drought, floods and then thought the harvest was lost when the bushfires arrived. We didn’t give in and instead created a classic smokey wine with a lovely rich colour.” Says Andrew “What’s great too is that the Ballandean Rural Fire Service receive $2 from every bottle sold.

First published 2023


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