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Eastwell Farms is nestled in the rolling hills of the Kin Kin hinterland, occupying some of the most beautiful territory the Noosa region has to offer. Bryant, Susie, and Alex run the family-owned and operated farm, which serves grass-fed, chemical-free beef and gourmet mushrooms to the local region.

The property "Eastwell" was purchased as a dairy farm in 1969 by Bryant's family. Arland, Bryant's father, transitioned the farm from dairy to beef, utilizing pasture improvement programs while keeping the natural sequences of the property's ecosystems in mind.

The agricultural practices implemented by Arland formed a strong basis for Bryant's interest in and investigation of regenerative farming. Following a life of agriculture out west around Chinchilla, QLD, Bryant and Susie moved to Kin Kin in 2019 and immediately began a headfirst dive into regenerative agriculture on Eastwell's land. This venture was a hard-fought slog of labor with little reward, but the vision for a carbon-sequestering cattle utopia remained strong. Three years later, Eastwell Farms was born, and the farm began retailing its paddock-to-plate grass-fed beef.

During this time, the team also worked hard to develop the upcycled shipping container mushroom farm. With a very small footprint, Eastwell initially focused on oyster mushroom production, servicing local restaurants and farmers' markets. However, in 2023, the beautiful lion's mane mushroom took the lead, and Eastwell now retails the fungus fresh, dried, and encapsulated. Alex is the driving force behind mushroom production on the farm and is a firm believer in the healing power of the mighty mane. He feels that the fungal kingdom has been overlooked for its health benefits for too long and wants to educate the community and beyond about the plethora of natural medicines the earth readily makes available for everyone.

All the mushrooms grown on the farm are fed recycled waste materials from the local sawmill, and spent mushroom substrate is blended with manure and mulch to create a natural supercompost.

Bryant, Susie, and Alex believe in a cyclical approach to land improvement. Every venture conducted on the farm has nature at the heart of the decision-making process. All three team members have witnessed the rewards of supporting the earth – when you give to the land, it gives back to you.


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