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The Maple Street Co-op


This unique camel farm is located on a 3,000 hectare property in Bells Creek, Glasshouse, run by Lauren and Peter Brisbane and their 3 children.

It produces the world’s only organic camel milk. Focussing on protecting feral camels from destruction, the Brisbane family adopts whole families and allows the matriarchal groups to stay together and letting the males grow old naturally. The calves are weaned naturally, no camel is forced to milk, they come into the dairy of their own free will. Rather than being ear-tagged, each camel instead knows their name and comes when called. They also form close bonds with their carers.

Yasmin Brisbane tells us, “First and foremost, our camels are loved and cared for at the highest possible standard. Organic guidelines are followed, the camels graze on chemical free pastures and fed organic supplements. No hormones or antibiotics are involved in the animals’ care and holistic, organic healthcare is used wherever possible.” She continues “Camel milk has been used for centuries by Nomads and Bedouins for both nutritional and medicinal properties. More recently modern-day science is shedding light on the numerous health benefits it has for humans”. The milk has also won agricultural medals at both the Sydney and Queensland shows. “Our camel milk and products are highly sought after – we sell out every week across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria!

We are really proud to be stocking our local Co-op.”

First published 2023


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