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The Maple Street Co-op




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Maple Street Co-op Membership

The Maple Street Co-op (the Co-op) has been a constant in the Maleny area,  established in 1979 and now has over 1,500 members.

Being a member means you are part of the 79% of Australians who are members of at least one co-operative.

You will allow our Co-op to remain resilient and have a strong future.

You will be helping to support local producers and farmers and provide employment to locals.


To support our members we offer a 5% discount when you shop at the Co-op. To become a member you purchase a share for a one-off cost of $25 plus an annual subscription as follows:

Annual 2022/23 subscription of $11 only

If you join in:

July-Mar – $11

Apr-June – $5.50

Then $11 annual membership is due on 1 July thereafter. 


The membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June each year.

To remain a member you must pay the annual membership fee of $11 due on 1 July each year. To be eligible to vote at general meetings you need to also spend $120 over the financial year (that's just $2.31 a week)  at the Co-op. Our membership numbers are aligned to our Point of Sale (POS) system to record your spend.


At any time you can apply to redeem your share and receive a refund of the $25 share by requesting such in writing.


You can renew your membership in person at the Co-op or via the Shopping Cart within the Member Portal at


Did you know?

  • We stock  5,000 health products and injects approximately $7,000 per month back into the local community through our consignors.


  • We are one of the significant employers on the range, employing approximately 18 people. You can also be part of our volunteer program.



Just click on the information brochure and share disclosure statement below, please read and join up next time you are at the Co-op. 


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