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The Maple Street Co-op

Alex Bridge - Artist

Alex has been a long-time member of our Co-op. Many of you will know her as a musician along with her partner Noel. She is also a well-known and accomplished artist who sells through the Peace of Green Artists Collective Gallery in Maple Street.

She is best known for her eclectic style, ranging from abstraction through to illustration, and all influenced by a love of the natural world – animals, plants, the land and the sky.

She is also inspired by a lifelong interest in the arcane mysteries of the ancient world – primitive human art, spirituality and beliefs.

She kindly designed and created our first 'local' shelf signage - the platypus. The members had reported a love of local products in our annual survey so we asked Alex for a unique piece of art. She chose to render the piece in ink and pencil and the image is now available for sale in the Co-op as a greeting card.

First published 2023


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