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The Maple Street Co-op

Bill's Ayurvedic Meals

We thought you'd like to hear more about this very special approach to these wholesome meals made right here in Maleny.

"I make the organic veggie curry meals according to the ayurvedic principles." Billy tells us. "One of these main principles is that a meal should have all six tastes incorporated; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent. This gives us a satisfied feeling after eating the meal, as the body needs these important tastes to maintain proper health through balance". Billy has been cooking in this style for over 34 years and loves to share his passion through his cookery classes and catering service.

"Each day I make meals similar to this mild curry. It has sustained me well over the years, and I enjoy the whole process very much. I make everything as simple as possible, so it can become an easy daily routine." He is keen to tell us that most of the ingredients are sourced through Maple Street Co-op such as our organic basmati rice and split mung dhal, organic veggies and apples, organic milk used in making Indian paneer (fresh cheese) and organic butter used to sauté the spices and veggies.

"The other important ingredient is love."

Firsy published 2023


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