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The Maple Street Co-op


Hi I’m Steph, a local Exercise Physiologist and Pilates instructor based in Flaxton. My passion for bone health led me to create Active Range that includes the collagen-based supplement BONE|SMART, our studio fitness sessions and an online exercise program. All of these are for reducing osteoporosis / bone disease and associated pain. My passion is to help everyone incorporate simple, healthy routines into their everyday life. As an international Military Nurse and in mycurrent role, I have seen first-hand the effects of poor bone health. There is a general lack of awareness around the importance of bone health particularly for women at and beyond menopause. Active Range’s BONE|SMART blend was created to give you the best bones and to give you stronger nails, shinier hair, healthier skin and improved gut health!

Made carefully in Brisbane, it contains a blend of collagentypes I & III (containing essential amino acids that naturally decrease with age) and added Vitamin D, to help with calcium absorption for healthy bones and immunity.

ACTIVE, VIBRANT, STRONG is our motto and in my spare time, you will find me living my active life at Maleny netball, coaching Mapleton junior netball, just keeping up with my children at the Maleny Parkruns.

We feel very fortunate to have The Maple Street Co-op. I just love the natural deodorants and I always pick up a different herbal tea for my daily dose of collagen.

I'm here to support you and together let’s build some strong bones!

First published 2023


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