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The Maple Street Co-op

Citrus Circles by Francoise

These zingy dried fruit slices are produced in Crystal Waters Permaculture Village near Conondale. They circles are the perfect way to add flavour and panache to cakes, platters and herbal teas. Cocktails anyone?The circles can be ground into sugar or salt for a decadent edge to drinks glasses.

Many of you will know Françoise, as part of the Rubatuba accordian/ tuba duo, often playing in Maple Street and at local events. Françoise, a Maple Street Co-op member and Crystal Waters resident of over 30 years.

We spoke to her about her latest venture...

"In Crystal Waters Permaculture Village where I live, citrus are the most prolific of fruit trees and there is only so much syrup and marmalade one can make!

When my daughter returned from the US for a couple of months recently, knowing how much I dislike waste and love making the best of any harvest surplus, she gave me the idea of dehydrating the citrus. Apparently it is popular item in select shops, trendy bars and restaurants. With perfect timing, the first oranges, lemons, lime and lemonades began to ripen, our commercial dehydrator was empty and ready for action, so I gave it a go. Lovely result after about 20 hrs, some turn a lovely rich colour, all are crunchy and pretty. And lucky for me, Crystal Waters has a commercial kitchen in which I can produce the Citrus Circles."

First publishd in 2023


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