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The Maple Street Co-op

Coochin Creek Organic Farm

Beerwah organic farmers David and Julia grow strawberries for the Co-op and July 2022, they celebrated their 20th year at the farm where they have worked hard to attain organic accreditation through Southern Cross Certifier.

"We wanted to follow our inner conviction,

wanting the best for our growing and for our environment - no herbicides or pesticides.

We hand weed rather than use 'organic' herbicides. " Julia tells us. "At first we were told that growing strawberries organically was impossible. "We are heavily regulated, our annual audit for organic certification is made public and our land can be tested at any time. Just as there is trust in the Co-op, there needs to be trust in our crops. When asked about the claim that organic accreditation is expensive, Julie replies, "Its value is in proving our commitment to health and the environment. Its cost is low compared to other things such as insurance."

She goes on to tell us about their new solar farm, their employment of locals and the agricultural interns from Lille University in France they host each year. Julia describes their Red Rhapsody strawbs as 'glorious', grown alongside other organic produce including snowpeas, zucchinis and Serena mini Roma tomatoes. "We grow herbs among the crops to attract beneficial insects."

Julia explains "We have had a great relationship with the Co-op for over a decade. We delight in being able to be able to sell our produce locally."

First published 2023


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