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The Maple Street Co-op

Crystal Waters Wood-Fired Sourdough

Bernard has been breadmaker at Crystal Waters since 2020, having taken over from Les who is a longtime friend of the Co-op.” It was a dream come true” Bernard recalls.

When he saw the wood-fired bakery he knew he had a winning combination; the wood-fired bread oven and the 19 year-old sourdough mothermaking for a uniquely flavoured bread.“ It takes 3 days to make each loaf ready for the oven.”

Years before, Bernard had opened Australia’s first organic bakery in Noosa’s Hastings Street, and before that had trained in the French tradition under a Master Baker in New Caledonia. Bernard is passionate about his work and only produce small quantities.“ I want to keep the quality high” Bernard explains, “and I want to keep the price reasonable. I don’t want our bread to be only for the rich person”.

Only a year into their new venture, Covid hit, closing the local farmers' markets. “We are very grateful that the Maple Street Co-op stayed open throughout the lockdown, it meant our business survived. Thank you for that. Thank you to our customers for the community support too”

First published 2023


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