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The Maple Street Co-op

Meet Eugenie Schwartz,

Co-op Member

Eugenie and her family arrived in Maleny several years ago, drawn by its reputation as a close-knit community, its co-operatives, and The River School. In addition to running family businesses, she homeschools her children and has been a Maple Street Co-op Board Director.

“Sustainability is important to us. I want locally grown food, the lowest food miles –supporting the producer ‘next door’. It’s an ethical issue.

“Health is so important to us, eating organic and unprocessed foods to stay strong. I wasn’t so aware of organics until I arrived here and became pregnant. As I did more research around Genetically Modified food (GMO), pesticides and hormones, I realised that organic food avoids all of these.

“I shop at the Co-op not only for these reasons but also to support local buying. It’s to take a stand against the duopoly of retailers we have here in Australia.”

“Being a Co-op Director has shown me how much professional work it takes to keep the Co-op thriving. A dedicated team is so important with their range of skills and knowledge across strategy, policy, finance and co-operative principles. I wanted to be a part of the Board to give a voice to the needs of local young families. My wish is to have an online and delivery service to give more access to the Co-op for busy families.

“As for shopping, my favourite Co-op products are the bulk items in ‘The Pantry’ area of the shop – nuts, flour, seeds, dried fruit, and salt. I bring my jars to fill with peanut butter and honey – and I love the make-up and beauty products!”

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