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The Maple Street Co-op

Flourish Teas

Meet Jodi, Flourish founder, Doula, Tea-Maker, and mother of two daughters. Jodi has supported women in birth for about 30 years and is passionate about healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

And meet Hannah, mother, garden lover and Tea Maker. Having been a customer (and huge fan!) of Flourish Tea before, during, and after her pregnancy, a beautiful case of serendipity brought Hannah to join the Flourish Tea family. Not long after giving birth to her son, Hannah ordered some Milky Way Breastfeeding Tea, delivered personally by Jodi, an act of kindness that sparked the beginning of a very special friendship.

“At Flourish Tea we believe all women should benefit from natural, nurturing support through every stage of their journey. From puberty to the time you’re trying to conceive, to the postpartum and breastfeeding days - and all the days after that! Our boutique tea range is made in small batches from 100% organic herbs, expertly blended to provide stage-specific support and nourishment.

When we mix our blends we mix with 100% love and intention. We never mix in a bad mood or with negative energy. We’ve supplied the Co-op for over 3 years, the store is beautiful and aligns totally with our values.”

First published in 2024

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