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The Maple Street Co-op

Four Cow Farm

Many of you will have met Wyn and Malcolm through their involvement with Barung Landcare or the Mary Cairncross Reserve. Together with their family they live at Four Cow Farm just 5 kms out of Maleny.

Dell, Wyn’s daughter-in-law looks after customers and marketing was interviewed recently for this article. Wyn is a midwife and grandmother who wanted to make quality creams and balms that were as natural as possible for her two little grandchildren, one of whom had eczema.

“ The Maple Street Co-op was the very first place to stock our original Four Cow Farm baby products, over 12 years ago” , Del tells us.“ The Co-op is such a lovely place and so representative of who we are. The community really got behind us when we launched. And when that happens you know, it gives you wings”. Four Cow Farm, has extended beyond the baby range, the most popular balms and creams being the Calendula Remedy, Calendula Castile Wash and Gotu Kola & Calendula Rich Cream Salve, used to treat eczema and dry skin.

They now export to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia but the family remain true to their original clean, green ethos, including our use of renewable energy. “We make everything by hand in small, simple batches, each product being so versatile that we don’t need to package special balms for the eyes or neck. We use the best ingredients and consider what we put on the skin as important as what we eat. After all your skin is your first line of defence and works 24 hours a day to protect you”.

First published 2023


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