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Free 'Lil Ducks

Roxy and Joel run a 40-acre property at Mount Mellum just 10km from Maleny,now managed as a conservation area and incorporates ‘beyond organic’ food production using permaculture methods and principles.

"We focus on growing unusual perennial fruits, vegetables and herbs that really suit our hinterland growing conditions " says Roxy. "We make our own home-made compost, naturally mineralised to raise the seedlings. We are passionate about homesteading, aiming to provide our own food and sharing surplus. The nursery is a way that we can give back to the community, offering our favourite plants to other keen gardeners and diversifying the local plant selections available.

All the plants are low-care with good yields. They are selected to see them through tough times such as drought and have been tried and tested since setting up our nursery 4 years ago."

First published 2023


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