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The Maple Street Co-op

Jeremiah's Sourdough Bakery

Paula and Shaun’s bakery is located on their biodynamic property in

the Mary Valley near Kenilworth. Paula is a

self-taught artisan, having left the

nightshifts of nursing, swapping to a 2am

start in her mill and bakery. The couple

inherited the biodynamic land and use

garlic, oranges and turmeric grown there

in their breads.

"Local provenance is important to us" says

Paula. "I stone-grind my own wholegrains including spelt and rye and keep the recipes very simple, the breads having only 3 ingredients; flour, water and salt." She adds " There are no preservatives, no added yeast in our mature sourdoughculture”.

Her loaves are named in her original Geordie dialect from England. The Bairns Bread which has a rounded tang, is her children’s favourite, while the Owld One is the local dialect for Old One. The Jeremiah’s Crust range includes crumpets (best toasted and dripping with butter and honey) and pizza bases for a no-fuss meal. And the name? “Jeremiah is the name of my first child” Paula laughs ”… it's the name of my sourdough culture first made in 2023 and that is still going strong! ”

First published 2023


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