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The Maple Street Co-op

Kate Webbe Co-op Nutritionist

“I hold three health degrees (paramedicine, nursing and nutrition). Having worked as a registered nurse for 9 years including 7 years in a public hospital where I encountered patients with all sorts of chronic health conditions, and I worked a lot in the cardiac care unit.

The Maple Street Co-op is important to me because it is community owned, all the money goes back into the shop and the community. And it’s a supportive work environment. I completely burnt out working as a nurse and my nervous system has been completely reset by working within the amazing team at the Co-op.

Last year at age 31, I discovered I am autistic and ADHD. I am really passionate about meeting people where they are at and believe their relationship with food is more important than what they are eating.

My areas of special interest in the co-op are the fresh produce, amazing health foods and high-quality supplements. Favourite things to buy here are the sprouting kits- I have just started, and my little sprouts are already growing. Packed full of nourishment.”

Plena Nutrition

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