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The Maple Street Co-op

Meet Kim and Paul Holcroft

What’s important to us? Living in and contributing to a vibrant community of kind, loving souls, somewhere you can feel close to and appreciate nature. Somewhere to grow fruit and vegies, soak in an outdoor bathtub (without scaring the neighbours) and watch sunsets around a fire.I don’t think we could have settled in Maleny if it didn’t have the Co-op. We’ve been eating organically for over 20 years, so access to clean, sustainable, locally grown produce was essential for us.

The Co-op allows us to purchase more consciously, helping to reduce environmental impacts, eat healthily, support local, ethical producers and create a more aware and supportive community. Even the AGMs are fun, ha! I also really appreciate the 7 full days a week opening hours, I’m always forgetting some ingredient. The staff are a big part of the positive Co-op experience, unfailingly helpful and cheerful even when they are at their busiest. Many have become good friends.

It’s been wonderful to see the Co-op grow and evolve and how much it is appreciated by both locals and visitors. Just keep the Coop doing what it does best. We all love and need it.

First published 2023


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