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The Maple Street Co-op

Leisha's Raw Honey

Leisha Moffat grew up in the Hinterland and was a student at Maleny High. She has dreamed of owning a rural property, living a simple life with a permaculture garden.

After raising her family in Morayfield, she came home to the Hinterland to a property in Booroobin close to Maleny. Leisha wanted to run a few hives to keep life simple, and had the perfect coach - her father who is a professional apiarist. She also took part in a bee-keeping course at Crystal Waters community not far from Maleny. She is also actively involved in gardening meet-ups such as the Maleny Seed Swap where she scores unusual plants in exchange for her honey and eggs.

Her honey is a great hit with Co-op members, selling both in her jars and bottles but also from the barrel behind the Co-op counter into jars brought from home. Local and sustainable!

First published 2023


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