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The Maple Street Co-op

Maleny Peanut Butter

Made on Maple Street here in the town, Maleny Peanut Butter is already a hit with our members and was inspired by an innovative artisanal peanut buttery in the USA. Amy and Glen have begun to realise their dream, producing the butter in small batches, ground to order in their commercial kitchen. Just two ingredients are in the jar, peanuts grown in Southern Queensland and sea salt giving the butter a pleasing tang. No additives or preservatives are used, no added oils nor highly-processed maltodextrin like some of the commercial versions.

“Our aim is to source as much as we can locally,” says Amy “even the jars are made in Brisbane”. Amy is also an artist and illustrator designing the jar labels and other images for the peanut butter. Raised in Bellthorpe she attended Maleny High. “We just love this town so much” she smiles.

“We are keen to keep everything about the butter as natural and home-made as possible. We want to live a simpler life, family-oriented and we’re not in it to make a squillion dollars. We love eating organically and growing a chemical-free garden.”

Glen joins in, “We feel really blessed to be settled here, I was raised in the South Island of New Zealand and this area really reminds me of the rolling hills there. And the sense of community - when you walk down the street in Maleny you are never alone.”

The couple are looking to make their production a social enterprise, aiming to support a school breakfast club or a breakfast kitchen for those finding themselves homeless.

We love their quirky message on the jar too - ‘Allergen advice: Definitely contains peanuts’.

You can find the peanut butter with the distinctive Made in Maleny sign with the honeys and jams near the Pantry bulk foods area.

First published 2023


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