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The Maple Street Co-op

Montville Coffee

You may have known about the great flavour of Montville Coffee, but did you know about their 20-year history of ethical and sustainable business, establishing themselves as the first Fairtrade Certified Organic coffee roasters in Queensland?

"The Fairtrade model of third-party independent auditors provide us and our customers with the confidence that all coffee sold has been sourced from a grower and co-operative that has been fairly paid for their hand" Sean the business manager tells us.

The team is heavily involved in growing local partnerships such as with Mooloo ice-cream. Another passion is for community-building activities such as Sconetime where people in communities are brought together for a convivial morning tea. Montville Coffee plays a key role with other local businesses in providing the coffee, equipment and staff time. "It's so important to for us at Montville Coffee acknowledge those of you who choose to support and purchase our products locally through the Maple Street Co-op. Without you, our Fairtrade coffee farmers and their very own co-operatives may not exist, and nor would we."

First published 2023


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