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The Maple Street Co-op

Patricia Lake

Patricia Lake joined the Maple Street

Co-operative Board in 2019 and was reelected after her first term. She stepped

down at the 2023 AGM.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Board, working with a passionate and committed team. We have made great strides in setting up the Coop to be focused, strong and sustainable for our members for years to come. I am glad I could support the Board with revamping our policies and leading the development of our Strategy. So often strategies are pieces of paper that get filed. I am proud that this Board is anchored to the strategy and our pillars. The decisions we have made have been informed by this commitment to our strategy.

Peter, Fiona and the shop team have created a warm, welcoming and financially strong outfit and I look forward to seeing the Co-op’s continued success.”

Patricia’s skills have been hugely appreciated, particularly her strategic thinking and calm, thoughtful contributions.

Thank you Patricia!

Photo by Ketaki Jewson-Brown . Elke Watson Director (L) and Patricia Lake (R)

Published 2023


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