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The Maple Street Co-op

Skye Chai

Skye Chai is a perennial best-seller at our Co-op. Exclusive to the Co-op and the Crystal Waters Flower Pot cafe, it has been hand-ground and created by Annie for decades.

"The chai is pretty much the same recipe from when the original Chai Tent team created it back in the 80s at the Maleny Folk Festival, now the Woodford Folk Festival" Annie tells us. It was named after Skye who travelled internationally, coming home every year to work the Chai Tent. The distinctive blue packaging has stayed the same with minor tweaks." So each time you make this fabulous chai you have a little bit of Woodford in a mug.

It's very much a Queensland product with the black tea sourced in the Daintree, the whole spices thorough Hervey Bay and ground by hand in small batches in Crystal Waters. "I love making it" says Annie "and getting the grind just right for each spice. Every one has its own level in the brew, from the base of bay leaf, the punch of cinnamon and ginger with the star anise sitting quietly among the rest. Start the brew with cold water, perhaps adding some fresh ginger and bring to a rolling boil then switch off. It's important not to over boil to keep the delicate flavours.

First published 2023


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