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The Maple Street Co-op

by Kate Webbe

Similar to the way medications can be

‘pharmacist-only’ or ‘prescription-only’,

supplements fall into three types.

General supplements you find on the Co-op

shelves can be purchased without consulting a practitioner. There are some great products however, as health professionals we discourage self-prescribing. Please ask our practitioner

team when you are in the Co-op. Sometimes it is challenging for us to give safe advice in the shop, and when necessary we will recommend a

consultation where medication interactions or other contraindications can be assessed.

‘Practitioner-only’ products can be purchased over the counter through a discussion with a healthcare practitioner. By speaking to someone who is qualified you end up with specific recommendations for you and your circumstances, as well as advice on how to take the supplement most effectively. Ask us about our range of practitioner-only products.

‘Practitioner-only consult-only’ products are products labelled like the above category, but practitioners must sign documentation agreeing to only prescribe them after an adequate, private consultation with the client. These products are not available in-store at the Co-op but would be available after a private consultation with one of the nutritionists or naturopaths.

As with all food and medicines, any of theseproducts can have adverse effects/ interactions

especially if you have a health condition, so ensure you seek in-depth professional advice.

Kate Webbe has her practice Plena Nutrition and works with the Co-op as our nutritionist.

Facebook - Plena Nutrition

Instagram - @plenanutrition 0431423635


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