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The Maple Street Co-op

Vedic Scents

Karunamayi and Caitanya are well-known for their family’s Hare Krishna food stall in Maleny Lane on Maple Street. They have developed a range of luxury, fair-trade incense sticks, Vedic Scents.

They have begun two registered charities, ISMK Food Relief and ISKM Goshala Cow Protection (ABN 63 906 043 487). Both charities receive all profits from the sales of the incense sticks. ISKM Food Relief is known as The Free Food People, with the family supporting Maleny Neighbourhood Centre and the Nambour Centre and handing food out in the streets. This is very much part of their Hare Krishna philosophy.

Kurunamayi tells us " We are careful to source the ingredients from people we know and have visited. We know their provenance and pay fair prices and have visited the villages in India where the sticks and the calico bags are made. The bags are refillable, so we are working out a way to make that happen locally. The Premium Myrrh is my personal favourite and the Ras Bihari and Wild Sandalwood are also popular. In addition we create hand-made wooden incense holders from local reclaimed wood."

First published in 2023

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