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The Maple Street Co-op

Tribe of Quin's

Tribe of Quin's was born as a means for Shakira and Nick to share their good fortune with the community, growing food on their 1.5 acre Crohamhurst property just outside Maleny.

“We are building our business around our lifestyle. We think this is important to start out doing from the beginning otherwise it is easy to get caught up in life and forget why you started”

2021 saw the family setting out to grow commerical microgreens, nutrient and mineral-dense produce that uses very little space to produce high yields “We use chickens and quail to break down gumleaf matter, turn the soil, fertilise and build our soils and control both pests and weeds. We have bees that pollinate and keep us company while working in the gardens, sometimes giving us honey. It's our oasis." Since arriving they have been building a naturally biodiverse ecosystem, ensuring their farming practices are kept to a minimum and creating habitat for native wildlife including koalas, echidna and an abundance of birdlife. ”

The Quins are a family of eight enjoy living an active and holistic lifestyle. Shakira is a passionate artist with a particular love for oil painting, exhibiting  from Brisbane to Milan. She also loves growing herbs and medicinal flowers  to create self-care products and teas. Nick grew up on an organic farm near Margaret River, has a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and spent time as a stonemason working on high-end projects.

"The Co-op has been so good to us and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing community. Many blessings from our tribe to yours."

First published 2023


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